About Us

About Us


Belvidere Computer Services was started in 1997. By this time the personal computer has become very popular and prices were stable enough that people were buying them. Since Belvidere Computer Services (BCS) is located in a small town in New Jersey, the need for local computer services was very much needed.

I started using and working on computers in the late 1980’s with an Apple IIc being my first computer. It was at this time I learned basic repairs and software programming. Moving into the early 1990’s Apple discontinued it’s IIc, IIe and IIGS lines of computers. It was also during this period I switched to the MS-DOS computer.


My interest in computers started to get around town and the local people were calling me for advice or help with a repair. Because so many people began showing the interest in personal computers, I decided to start a local business where residents could purchase a computer and also learn how to use a computer. I built quality systems and gave the training needed to get started using the computer.

So, January 1997 — Belvidere Computer Services was formed.

Moving into the new millennium brought rapid changes to the personal computer. They were getting faster and more powerful. As they became more powerful they also became cheaper to buy. With several major companies (HP, Dell, Gateway, etc) mass producing computers, I could not longer stay competitive with prices.

I stopped building personal computers, but stayed doing repairs and removing spyware, adware and viruses from systems. Early in 2011, I decided to stop doing all types of repairs including virus/adware removal.

I am now focusing my business on creating affordable and cost effective websites.

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions, please call or email me.